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Planning for ARFF and Mutual Aid

The Plainfield tender has “arrived” and is establishing a fill line for the ARFF rig and for the attack engine.

BY MICHAEL J. LOPINA THE Lockport Township (IL) Fire District began its aircraft rescue firefighting (ARFF) program in 2006 as a result of assuming fire protection for the general aviation Lewis-Lockport Airport (KLOT) from the Romeoville (IL) Fire Department in 2003. It is the fourth busiest airport in Illinois with 120,000 takeoffs and landings per year. As the ARFF coordinator, I was responsible for developing standard operating guidelines (SOGs) and response plans along with a detailed box card for different alarm levels. This box card was developed according to mutual-aid box alarm system (MABAS) guidelines (the designated format) and is revised as needed annually. Once the SOGs and …


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